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MT Aquafloor

Aquafloor presents comfort and ease of use without any problem for years with %100 waterproof flooring series.

Aquafloor has a exellent durability against moisture. It never has a swelling effect with moisture. It is appropriate metarial to use in kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, pantries, basements, covered terraces. Aquafloor is the perfect flooring solution which can be suggested to use in projects such as hotels, restaurants, stores and offices.

Compare with classic wooden parquets Aquafloor has more absorption of sound. Due to its construction, this product has a excellent acoustic effect with the heel hit in every walking step. Its acoustic properties give a nice walking sound which gives the effect of wood flooring without the unnecessary noise pollution.

Aquafloor's surface is covered by polyurethane based layer which always provides hygiene. It does not let dust and stain placed on the surface. It has extra strong wear layer.

Aquafloor provides warm and friendly atmosphere by adopting temperature of the environment in where it is used. It has an excellent ability to adept to temperature changes without any extra amount of dimensional changes.

Aquafloor is easy to install and maintain. It keeps its image for years. No harmful susbstances are used in its production, but only first class materials. It is an enviromental friendly product thanks to its recyclability.

EFZ Foreign Trade- MT Aquafloor

EFZ Foreign Trade- MT Aquafloor